Bringing up a Baby

We all know and have often heard and read that 'time flies'. I was well aware of that even earlier too. But the past two years have moved at the fastest pace. In two months my daughter will be two and looking back at those years, I can feel two contrasting realizations. On the one hand, I am well aware of the unending list of chores that I have done related to each phase of child development. What I mean to say is that this period of two years has been a really long time. But on the other hand, when I ponder over the fact that she will now be two years old and seeing her behaviour when I realize how quickly she understands things, I feel that the two years have just flown by! This is life!
In the past two years, I have gathered a huge number of memories that I would cherish forever in my life, even when I as parent would realise that the child is no longer interested in keeping company with her parents, a time when even I drifted apart from my parents; a period of life when every teenager does so. And so be it! It is just that we as parent need to be prepared for all stages of life when each dawns upon our child, keeping in mind that we all were kids once!
On a serious note, bringing up a child makes one realise what parents do! Hats off to them! Inspite of having done everything to make my daughter enjoy all that I could provide her with, yet I know that I have not done even fifty percent of what my parents did for me when I was her age. My generation of parents has more facilities at their beck and call, which makes their task much easier!
One has oft heard of the statement that we can never repay what our parents have done for us - a statement that is cent percent true. Now I believe that the realization of what our parents must have done for us is a way of paying gratitude to them, something we could not have done in other ways. It is only when we experience the things while bringing up a baby, the realization dawns upon us and that makes us better human beings. Probably, nature wants it to be so.
Moreover, no words can match the gratitude that is so heartfelt...